Pain Slave Amy is Punished with a Leather Paddle

Guess who left the premises again? That’s right, the hot Euro cutie Amy. She loves to wander in the forest like an innocent nymph. In reality, she’s an owned pain slave that can’t do anything without permission, let alone walk off. Her Master finds her deep in the woods.


Perfect! No one will be able to hear the noise this brutal punishment causes. He has plenty of rope with him and ties her to a tree, back on the bark, arms pulled back and wrists tied together, high off the ground. Her sweater is pulled up yet her panties still on. This pain slut is scared and sorry. He feels and squeezes his submissive slave’s hot tit, rubbing and slapping her pussy.

He pulls the crotch of her panties up into her pussy, twisting a stick in to keep it tighten against her clit, slapping it more. He unravels his bull whip and gives her a round of hits and stings. He works in a hard impact boob and stomach flogging. She screams for mercy, begging for forgiveness. Her complete front side is red, marked up and sore, even her pussy spanked pussy.

He pulls Amy off and reties her to the tree, her feet on the ground able to move, yet her ass exposed to her Master for his leather paddle. She’s terrified. The leather paddle isn’t easy to endure. Well, she shouldn’t have left without asking. She struggles and squirms, trying her best to avoid each hit.

Horny Pain Slut Nicole Endures Another Bondage Session

Nicole is back to please her Master. She is his favorite submissive pain slut seeking hardcore domination and bondage. This Euro bombshell model’s wrists are tied to a horizontal beam on the walk, her feet strapped in tall high heels. Her Master arrives with a leather whip and gives his pain beauty around of lashes across her breasts, stomach and legs. She loves the sting and emerging red marks on her skin. She has to endure it all, her torso kept in place for each whip. Next, she’s brought to a new room and rope is used to keep her bent over on two platforms. He gives her bubble butt a good spanking before he pulls out his cane. When the caning begins, the room echoes screams and whining. But she takes every hit, her flesh turning red, mark on top of mark. He wants to flog her tits and stomach again, possibly her pussy too. So he grabs some bamboo and rope, ties her arms by her side and legs apart. He brings his flogger down hard on her breasts and stomach, all the way down to her creamy pussy. She’s turned on and ready for all he’s got. He decides to stand her up and ties her wrists to hanging bamboo. His bull whip is ready to wrap around Nicole’s tight and fit body. She struggles, every lash stops her in her tracks. She’s left scared and horny, proud of the session.


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